Spine Care

Spine Care Specialities

Our elite DOCS S+O physicians are committed to providing compassionate and personalized minimally invasive treatments. Specializing in common and complex neuroglial and orthopedic spine conditions, we work together to provide our patients lasting relief from their pain.
We also understand that patient knowledge is patient empowerment. We aim to provide you the best experience for your journey to a best you and better tomorrow.It is our privilege to offer our services for the following conditions and more—

Chronic Neck and Low Back Pain

Spinal Cord Injury

Osteoporotic Fractures

Failed Previous Spinal Surgeries

Spine Care Treatments

Here at DOCS S+O, we approach every patient’s condition with thorough diagnostic testing and studies to determine the underlying cause of our patient’s pain. Our elite dual spine care team, routinely and effectively operate on a outpatient basis at our Doctors Outpatient Center for Surgery. Our patients have access to the most advanced minimally invasive spine surgeries ( MISS) meaning “Goodbye” to major incisions and “Hello” to a better and faster “tomorrow”.
Some of the most common minimally invasive spinal procedures and complex spine surgeries our surgeons specialize in are :
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