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Our team of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialists, orthopedic, sport injury and neuro-spine surgeons have all received their education and training from some of the finest Universities and most recognized medical institutions.

However, it was and is, our shared passion for cultivating genuine physician- to- patient relationships that compelled us to come together.

We learned that coupled with genuine relationships with our patients, we could further enhance our patient’s experience and maximize on delivering positive results, by sharing our knowledge and expertise to ensure a truly comprehensive care from start to finish.

Here at DOCS Spine and Orthopedics, our patients are our family.


We understand that every patient is unique and that even the most common conditions require a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan. We also understand that patients with spine and orthopedic ailments endure daily debilitating pain ( regardless of chronic conditions or unforeseen injury, common or complex conditions) and finding the right care, also within a comfortable time frame, can prove to be a daunting task

In order to enhance our patients journey to their best self, we have designed an efficient and dynamic physician referral system. Our patients now have access to immediate information straight from their “Referred to” physicians, friendly front office.

Our dynamic physician referral system allows our patients to experience quality convenience, while simultaneously receiving personalized and effective treatment thru multiple, thriving, physician – to -patient relationships.

Here at DOCS Spine + Orthopedics, we understand every patient is eager to return to their best quality of life- our hand selected in house team of physicians are dedicated to providing solutions to our patients that are both effective and efficient.

We are privileged to now offer patients access to our, state-of-the-art, Doctor’s Outpatient Center where our expert anesthesiologists & highly trained nurses and medical technicians assist our Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialists and orthopedic and neuro-spine surgeons with the latest innovative non-surgical forms of healing, as well as the most medically advanced & effective minimally invasive procedures.

We are also honored to continue our commitment in providing comprehensive care & treatment for patients with complex conditions such as—scoliosis, failed previous spinal surgeries as well as spine and brain tumors.


Only here at DOCS Spine and Orthopedics, patients have access to flexible clinic follow-up appointments with their specialist or surgeon, out-of-state & international phone consultations as well as, video conference calls to discuss patient’s questions & concerns. Our facility also offers the highest standard of clinical services, such as X-ray services and MRI machines to provide convenient imaging for a multitude of our patient’s imaging needs.

Together, We are privileged to invite you to experience the difference of DOCS Spine + Orthopedics.

Together, We uncover your very best tomorrow.

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